Women's Guild

A women's auxiliary group established to assist the Church School by raising funds through various functions for textbooks, necessary materials, and field trips. The Guild meets every second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the church hall.

Daughters of St Mary's

A women's auxiliary group that provides hospitality following services during Great Lent and other times. They also make the grure (wheat) for those who request it for memorial services. A number of the Daughters make up the Bells of St Mary's, who faithfully clean the church on Monday Evenings.

Sons of St Mary's

A men's auxiliary group that meets the first Tuesday of the month (September - June) for dinner and a meeting in the church hall at 7:00 PM. They offer support for projects around the church and offer 3-5 cash scholarships each year to worthy college students from the parish.

Youth Group

This group is open to the youth of the Church from ages 12 - 18. Monthly meeting are held and the Youth Group conducts various fundraisers to support their organization as well as the Church. Frequent retreats and trips are highlights of each year.

New Arrivals from Albania Committee

Since the fall of Communism in Albania in 1992, our community has received many new arrivals to America from Albania. Presently, we have over four hundred new families in the Worcester area and more are coming. The constant demands for job placement, housing, food, etc. fostered the hiring of full-time and part-time Albanian social workers. This committee continues to assist Albanian immigrants in the acculturation process and extends a welcoming hand for those interested in Orthodoxy.

Albanian American National Organation (A.A.N.O.) - Worcester Chapter

The A.A.N.O. is a non-religious and non-political organization established in 1946 to perpetuate and celebrate those special things which comes with our Albanian heritage.



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