Church History

On August 13, 1911, the Albanians of Worcester organized a Chapter of St George's Cathedral of Boston. Four years later, in 1915, this branch was organized into the Church of St Mary's Assumption. From 1911-1917, services were held in various halls. In 1918, a German Presbyterian Church on 63 Wellington St was purchased. But at that time, only the first floor was completed. The second floor was completed by our parishioners. The Church was designed and styled to be a replica of St George in Korce, Albania. The Icons were painted by the Rev Naum Cere who had studied iconography in Odessa. In the late forties, the main entrance of St Mary's was extended and in 1956, the Church underwent major restoration.
On June 15, 1979, 10.6 acres of land at 535 Salisbury St were purchased from the Pearson family. In 1980, over 3 adjoining acres were donated to St Mary's. Our new Byzantine-style Church was designed by the architectural firm of Isaac & Isaac of Manchester, NH, an Albanian architect, Andrew Isaak. The first Liturgy was held on October 3, 1982.

1917 - The parish choir was organized.

1946 - A.A.N.O began.

1951 - Daughters of St Mary's was organized.

1955 - The Mothers Club was founded to promote the Sunday School. This club was later renamed "The Women's Guild".

1968 - St Mary's Youth Group was organized.

1972 - Sons of St Mary's was organized.

1983 - Consecration of our Church on November 13.

1990 - A 72 unit home for the elderly called Illyrians Gardens underwent construction.

1991 - Illyrians Gardens opens.

1994 - Holy Trinity opened.

1995 - Celebrated our 80th Anniversary as a parish.

2005 - Father. Dennis Nagi became the Pastor of our church, and also the Child Care Center opened.

2009 - Rev. Fr. Timothy Cremeens became the Pastor of our church.



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